Land Use Clearance

What are the documents to be submitted for getting Land Use Clearance (LUC) and how much is the fee?

–The following documents are require : a. RS Mouza Map b.MS Mouza Map c. Digital Survey Map d. Power of Attorney deed e. Transfer Deed f. NOC g. Indemnity Bond h. Mutation i. Tax j. Churanto Barruddo Patro k. Namjari Prostab/Moheler Kagoj

Is there any requirement for a land-use clearance from RAJUK if one buys a plot from a private housing company?

–If the housing project of the private housing company had taken approval from the authority then Land Use Clearance is no longer required for a plot within an approved layout.

When should one apply for the LUC?

–After ownership is obtained efforts must be made to get the Land Use Clearance.

Is the Clearance of Land use required to approve a plan for RAJUK plot ?

–Yes, the clearance of land use is required for a RAJUK plot. Now, 100 percent LUC is required.

How long does it take to obtain a Land Use Clearance?

–According to Imarat Nirman Bidhimala 2008, it will take 15 working days.