নির্মাণ পারমিট

What is the validation period for a construction permit?

–Two (2) years.

How long does it take to approve a design?

–This is done by the authorized section of RAJUK. General concern building construction committee approves the design within 45 days of submission; however, the duration may vary depending on the frequency of meetings.

What is the procedure to approve a land which is surrounded by 10/12, three to four-storied buildings by the road that is 8’-10’ wide?

–No plan is approved without the standard minimum width for access and road. Approval may be given if the plan does not fulfill set standards but has extra land for constructing private roads though this sort of permission is rare.

When is construction permit needed?

–Permit is needed to begin the construction.

Who are the stakeholders of a construction permit?

–Several parties review the application: AO, AAO, Chief Inspector, Inspector, Tracer etc. and eventually the Construction Permit letter is issued.

What related documents have to be submitted with the construction permit application?

–The following documents are required: A. Application form (Form no: 301), B. Deed, C. Duplicate Carbon Receipt (DCR) D. Power of Attorney (if applicable). E. Mutation. F. Indemnity bond. G. Draft Publication form. H. Nine (9) copies of the plan (for buildings up to ten floors). I. if the proposed building has more than 10 floors then a special project clearance plus a structural design are required along with prior clearance certificates from 9 organizations.

What is the validation period for a construction permit?

–Three (3) years!

What is the law of approval for a plan when it has been rejected?

–If a plan is rejected then then one can lodge an appeal at the appellate division of the BC committee which will the reassess the plan and, may approve it if they are satisfied.